Pixel mongery since 1984
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Craig holding 2 invisible melons

I have been messing about with computers since the 1980's, and making stuff on the web since 1995.

I founded and managed a co-working studio in Cardiff (FoundersHub) and until recently owned and ran Five Simple Steps, an independent publishing company making beautiful books for the web community. I am a firm believer in not letting the grass grow beneath my feet and am always working on a new project, preferring to bring my own ideas life rather than take on client work.

I strongly believe that the web is the ultimate tool for education. As well as speaking at the occasional conference, I am responsible for the Handheld conference, FoundersConf and 'The Web is..' conference. I also facilitate regular workshops at FoundersHub.

Recent projects include Besquare, a library of web conference video shot and edited by myself and my production team; the innovative social media game Pixel Picnics; and plenty of Arduino & Raspberry Pi projects which I hope to dedicate a bit more time to in the near future.

You can (and really should) follow me on Twitter.

Image of Craig holding imaginary water melons by Ashley Baxter.