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So Handheld is over, forever.

Over just two events, Handheld has evolved from a small community event with 170 attendees to a behemoth of a gathering with over 1000 attendees from over 23 countries. The Handheld alumnus of speakers is full of my heroes, people who have shaped and influenced the industry for the better. I will always be grateful to those that shared their knoweldge to the Handheld attendees.

A lot of people have asked why I have decided to bury Handheld when there is obviously an audience for such an event. The answer is simple, integrity.

I have been a 'web maker' (i'm not too keen on a label such as designer or developer) since I was 18. Working for many years as a lone freelancer, dabbling with the odd agency and even working on native iOS stuff for a brief stint. Over the past two or three years, my working life has changed dramatically. I no longer take on client projects and have never been so busy. This year in particular has been incredibly busy for me. As well as this years Handheld conference, I also put on the much smaller Foundersconf, been travelling around Europe on Besquare duties, and opened an open-studio and event space at Foundershub. This has all been alongside moving house and having a few health issues which led to me being rushed to hospital on a number of occasions.

All of this extra activity has made me question what I really do for a living. I spend more time answering email than I do in Sublime or Photoshop. I have become an admin guy. This is not what I wanted. I am no longer the target demographic for Handheld.

So I am paring things down a little, giving myself more time to just make stuff. Instead of Handheld, Foundersconf, and a hundred other small projects this year, I will be doing just one thing. Handheld is dead, there will not be another Handheld, but I will be replacing Handheld with something a little broader. Don't worry, I won't be announcing AdminConf, but it will be relevant to me - and hopefully to you.

I have a great print at Foundershub which reads 'Do one thing well', that is exactly what I intend to do. One conference which will top anything I have ever done before, and I can't wait to share the details with you.

Handheld stage

The official photo's for this years Handheld by @iamashley can be found on Flickr as well as some amazing shots by @de on Exposure. Video from handheld will be available soon on Besquare, but you can see some already here, here, here and my favourite, here.

Published by Craig Lockwood
on the 05 December 2013