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After many sleepless nights, negotiations and flat whites - I finally have some news to share about

We have a new venue, the beautiful Sherman Theatre which is conveniently located within Cardiff City Centre - less than a mile from the original venue. We have visited dozens of potential venues and we are happy to confirm that the Sherman Theatre has the comfiest seats.

We also have workshops taking place on the Wednesday (29th October) from Brad Frost, Andy Clarke and David Hieatt. Brad and Andy will be tackling responsive web design in their own styles whilst David’s workshop is all about successful branding. Details of the workshops are on now and tickets are available now. 

When I first had the idea for I got way too excited, perhaps this was a little naive of me. My first conference back in 2012 had an audience of 250 and sold out, last years event had 1200 attendees. My thinking for was that if I booked my ultimate dream line-up, people would snap up tickets and all would be rosy. Unfortunately, this didn’t happen, in fact less than 25% of last years Handheld audience have bought tickets for this years event. Maybe this is down to conference saturation, the economic climate, I don’t know. What I do know is that I have had to do a lot of soul searching and I have had to dig deep. Conferences of scale are expensive, international speakers are expensive and big venues are expensive. My naivety has cost me, greatly. Deposits have been lost and I am in the red, but the show must go on.

The line-up has been tweaked and the new venue is amazing. isn’t what I had originally planned but it will be great. The financial constraints have meant that I have to be far more creative this year, and I think this will be evident over the 2 days. The schedule will be published over the next week or so and plenty of exciting surprises are planned. I am confident that everybody will have a great time. Look at the line-up, of course it will be great!

There will no doubt be a few questions & queries from some of you, I have added a FAQ’s page to the site where I hope to answer these questions. I will update that page as neccessary. 

Over the past month or so I have learned that Twitter isn’t the place for nuanced conversation, so please feel free to email me at if you have any questions or concerns.

I look forward to seeing you all soon, it will be a blast.


Published by Craig Lockwood
on the 18 September 2014